Slim Enzyme+


Slim Enzyme+ contains active digestive enzymes which improves the body functions; digestion, absorption, decomposition, metabolism, and excretion.

30 sachets/packet


Features & Benefits

  1. 5 types of digestive enzymes to boost metabolism.
  2. 90 fermented wild plant enzymes to support calorie break down.
  3. Raspberry ketone further promotes fat burn.
  4. Not heat-treated to keep enzymes active.
  5. Easy dissolving powder form for faster effect.
  6. Anti-ageing properties and achieve overall better skin and health.
  7. Safe, secure and tasty, 100% manufactured in Hokkaido!



Reduced Maltose Syrup (made in Japan), Dextrin, Fermented Grain Extract (contains wheat), Raspberry Juice, Fermented Wild Plant Extract (contains apple and yam), Ginger, Flavors (milk origin), Citric Acid



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